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A direct assault on Alaska...

by Michael Chambers


Few Alaskans are aware that the territory of Alaska began requesting Statehood status shortly after WW11 in 1946.

For 12 years, any request was denied for one reason. A majority in the United States Senate argued that the territory of Alaska would be unable to sustain any economic viability and therefore become an economic burden on the other states of America. 

In 1958, our US delegation proposed that Alaska would get 90% profit of any recovered resources on federal land held in Alaska. In particular, Alaska was precluded from the Reclamation Act which gave revenue back to respective states for infrastructure development, particularly hydro projects as the vast majority of western states were too arid to support any substantial populations. 

Based on this economic submission, the Senate of the United States took up the consideration and approved by only one senator. 

The Statehood Compact agreement between Alaska and the federal government was drawn up and accepted by both parties as a basis for Alaska's entrance into the union. This compact contained the 90% language to receive 90% revenue on federal lands. Additionally, in 1980 Senator Ted Stevens successfully negotiated an area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be set aside for economic development. This area is known as the 1002 Area. This agreement was part of the ANILCA accords. 

Fast forward to today...

In the first day of the Biden administration, not only did President Biden violate the 1002 agreement, but moreover his administration is directly assaulting Alaska and it's ability to be economic solvent. By placing a moritorium on ANWR development and stopping all oil development leases on federal property, the Biden administration has directly attacked Alaska and our sovereign rights of equal footing in violation of the Statehood Compact.


 It is obvious, Joe Biden could care less about Alaskans and their opportunities to be able to create a living in Alaska. Like many of his colleagues in the Democrat Party, they believe Alaska is the poster child for the environmental movement and identifies us directly on the front line of climate change. 

I ask all Alaskans to stand up for our sovereign rights. We must demand that the federal government abides by the original agreement when we entered the nation. If the federal government is unwilling, then we must look at other options regarding our relationship with the federal government. This is precisely why I recently joined the Alaskan Independence Party. ( AIP ) I am an American first, and then an Alaskan. That may change.