Flip flopping dogma

by Michael Chambers

Recently, Ceezar Martinson has been producing some political opinions for a small local newspaper under the guise of a "conservative perspective."

For the last couple years Ceezar has been promoting himself as a Libertarian and then a converted Republican. Six short years ago he was a registered, dye in the wool, Democrat, so one might say, he seems to be covering all of the political bases looking for a political home. 

I met Ceezar during his transition from Democrat to Libertarian and continued my friendship with him as he seemed to evolve into a conservative Pro-Life Republican. I have met with him countless times throughout these years. In fact, I managed his recent campaign for State House. During all this time, I considered Ceezar to have tremendous political potential and I was certain many citizens who had contact with him felt the same way. So what went wrong?

I take issue with his recent narrative as he makes statements in opposition to Senator Shelley Hughes, Senator Mike Shower, Senator David Wilson, and Representative Laddie Shaw. In particular he makes reference to the valley delegation and their "unethical behavior" and "transgressions."  Certainly, I would like him to enlighten us with a few more details. Anyone can throw grenades for effect. 

I find it rather interesting that Ceezar directly attacks Senator Shelley Hughes and Senator Mike Shower in particular. When you examine his employment record, these two senators are the only representatives of government who gave him an employment opportunity. Although Senator Hughes gave Ceezar a very small assignment, it was his first political job. But, Senator Shower stepped up and gave Ceezar a substantial position as one of his staff members in Juneau. In both cases, both senators were surprised with the severe lack of abilities Ceezar had which they needed in order to promote their legislative mission. 


Let the record show, with very little fanfare, Ceezar was released early from his assignment with Senator Shower. It is known that Ceezar was listening in on confidential conversations and then running to various offices sharing this confidential information.

This is precisely why he was released early. This is an extreme breech of confidence. For this reason alone, I would think it would be very difficult to share anything with him in confidence, no matter what side of the political spectrum you inhabit.  


His implication that there is "more to the story" regarding Laddie Shaw, and that Senator Giessel needs to get aggressive and come out and educate the masses on Facebook Live, is nothing short of insanity. Has he evaluated Senator Geissel's reception on Facebook recently? 


Ceezar goes on to promote the idea that Senator Giessel needs a significant victory next November with like minded representatives in order to save Alaska from the rogue legislators in the valley. So I can only assume, Ceezar, in his support for Senate President Cathy Giessel, believes that the PFD should be capped, that the caucus rules can be changed arbitrarily at her whim, that per diem can be paid retroactively for special sessions even when the statutes indicate otherwise, and she can call Special Sessions in Juneau against established statute authority of the governor because it just "feels like the right thing to do." We won't mention the disgusting, lying video she produced in support of the PFD while she was campaigning...

I would only suggest if Senator Giessel is going to utilize Ceezar in any capacity to employ her clandestine campaign work, she may want to cross check his information for accuracy. ( Not that I care to give Senator Giessel any advice)

In the end, Ceezar is searching for political allies and he seems to not be remotely aware that when you obtain a reputation of stabbing partisans in the back, it will reverberate everywhere.


I wish him well in his next career choices as I don't believe he will have much success in political consultation and staffing going forward. 




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