An open letter to all Alaskans and Representatives of Government

By Michael Chambers


During the Walker administration, Citizens Advisory Council for Federal Areas ( CACFA ) was defunded. Of the 120 boards and commissions Alaska has, why did Governor Walker single out only this commission to defund? Good question

It is very rare when I advocate government spending but this is one commission I wholeheartedly support and would like to see the funding restored. I realize that Alaska is in a serious financial bind but while it is money, this commission only cost $300 thousand to maintain and the public good is invaluable. 

So what did CACFA do? Well CACFA was an advisory commission to investigate and report on the multiple violations of the federal government regarding our sovereign rights as a state. To date, the federal government has violated our sovereign rights over 2,000 times. Here is a link which cronicles these reports. If you follow the link and scroll down on the left side to the bottom, you will see a link to the final report of ASLAG which was a subcommittee of CACFA 

This 54 page report is essential if you wish to understand the assault which continues to take place on Alaska. Please take time and read. 

The reason why I believe it is essential that we fund this commission going forward is the recent election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It is perfectly clear to anyone that the Biden administration has already taken substantial steps to marginalize the economy of Alaska. We must have in place an active commission which logs and holds the federal government accountable for these violations. It is imperative that the greater general public in Alaska are fully aware of these violations. We must be willing to stand up against the tyranny of the federal government. It is essential going forward.