A case in support of the Alaskan Independence Party

by Michael Chambers

Based on current circumstances, both nationally and statewide, I have vacated my 43 year membership with the Libertarian Party and have recently joined the Alaskan Independence Party ( AIP )

It is a rather easy transition as I have always been a conservative Libertarian and this is an apt description of many in the AIP. 

So, lets dispel some misinformation.


Many Alaskans confuse the Alaskan Independence Party with registering "Independent." This is far from the truth as the Alaskan Independence Party ( AIP ) is a right leaning / right wing Party, whereas the "Independent" registration is a registration which is not connected to any particular Party affiliation, although it is well known that many Democrats choose to run as "Independents."  Once in office, they all caucus with the Democrats and promote some form of Socialism or nanny state mentality. 

Comparing the differences.

Although the Alaska Republican Party ( ARP ) attempts to promote that they are in support of smaller limited government, certainly in Alaska, this is not the case. The vast majority of government expansion in Alaska has happened under Republican governors and  Republican controlled legislatures. In fact, Republican governor Michael Dunleavy was recently thrown under the bus by many of his Republican colleagues because his administration promoted a fiscally conservative agenda. Many Alaskans have grown disenchanted with the Republican Party mainly because it is difficult to differentiate between a Republican and a Democrat when it comes to budgetary restraint. This is precisely why Alaska is currently in serious financial deficit spending.


One of the largest topics in Alaska is who owns the Permenent Fund Dividend? ( PFD ) It is apparent that  many Republican legislators have joined their Democrat colleagues in recent times to capture large portions of the PFD to pay for government services they consider "essential." Establishment Republicans, like Senator Natasha Von Imhof, and Josh Revak consider the PFD payout as a form of welfare or Socialism. Behind closed doors, many Republicans state that distributing a large yearly dividend to all Alaskans would encourage the "wrong types of citizens" to move to Alaska. This is an extremely bigoted attitude. 

On the other hand, Democrats and false flag "Independents" are much easier to understand. They operate on the premise that government exists to "assist" whomever they determine needs to receive assistance. Generally speaking, they identify a cornucopia of victim classes, generally around gender identity, race and economic status. Once they have identified these multiple classes, Democrats believe it is government's obligation to develop equal outcomes for these citizens. They believe government and it's agents are far more adept at directing the resources of the state than individuals. This is precisely why you hear Democrats make statements that Alaskan citizens are willing to give up large portions of their PFD to be able to provide for "essential services." Mind you, they will never support an advisory vote from the general public on this issue!

The Alaskan Independence Party is the only established Party in Alaska which supports protection and payment of a full Permanent Fund Dividend. It is in their platform. 

Enter the Alaskan Independence party...

There are 3 recognized political parties in Alaska

Alaska Republican Party

Alaska Democrat Party

Alaskan Independence Party

Although the Alaskan Independence Party is the smallest recognized Party in Alaska with approximately 20,000 members, it is currently the fastest growing Party in Alaska. 

So why join AIP?

Based on current information, it appears that the national Democrat Party will be in control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency. This means our country will be administered by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. 

It does not take a prediction from Nostradamus to understand that this legislative combination will not be good for Alaska. It will be imperative that Alaskans come together with a majority voice and defend our right to liberty and economy.  You will not find this unified voice within the Republican or Democrat ranks. We must present a unified message that Alaska is not the "environmental poster child" of America. We have every right to develop our resources in a manner which allows Alaskans to be economically viable. 

Take time and explore the Alaskan Independence Party website here. Please consider joining the Party so together, we can establish our sovereign rights as a state.

Thank you


This page is not an official AIP website but has been vetted by the AIP without objection.