Upcoming One Man Show

                           Alaskan Artist Michael Chambers

                               201 Barrow Street

                                Friday, April 23rd  6:00pm to 8:30pm

                                          Saturday, April 24th 10:00am to 4:00pm

                                          Sunday, April 25th  2:00pm to 7:00pm



Michael has assembled the largest selection of original, and limited edition art prints in his long career. He has over 65 original selections and five limited edition prints available to the public.


Come join Michael as he promotes his art for enjoyment and acquisition. Following is a sampling of his work. If you see something you like here from this sampling, and would like to make a purchase prior to the show, contact him at either the email or phone number provided.  Be aware, if you see something you like and would like to come view his work, understand many of his works will be sold in the course of his show so he encourages interested buyers to make a financial commitment ahead of time or come to the show on Friday, April 24th to have the greatest selection opportunity.

Michael will be giving each show participant a ticket toward a drawing for one of his originals plus additional tickets for any purchases over $100 increments. 

any further questions, please feel free to call him at the number provided.

"Summer is coming"

13" x 20"

Original acrylic on watercolor paper


Limited edition prints 200 series


"Kenai Calling"

15" x 20"

Original acrylic on watercolor paper


Limited edition prints 200 series


"Coming Home"

15" x 20"

Original acrylic on watercolor paper


Limited edition prints 200 series


"Mountain Guardian"

24" x 30"

Original oil on mounted canvas


Limited edition prints 200 series



"Mountain Meadow"

24" x 30"

Original oil on mounted canvas


"Mountain Stream"

22" x 20"

Original oil ( palette knife )

on mounted canvas


"Morning Denali"

12" x 36""

Original oil on mounted canvas


"Remembering Sydney"

12" x 18""

Original oil on mounted canvas


Following are a collection of oil paintings on canvas measuring

11" x 14"

Michael offers this excellent collection for only $300.00 each.

At this price, these will go quickly!

"Mountain Majesty"



"Tribute to Sydney"

"Quiet Cirque"

"Mountain Brook"

"Into the valley"

"Mountain Vista"


"Quiet Vantage"

"After the Storm"

Pen and Ink originals on wood cuts

"Close Encounters"

approximately 11" x 30"


"Mount Sanford"

approximately 11" x 30"



What does Michael's art mean to me?

"I have known Michael for many years. Not only is he a dear friend but Michael is a remarkable artist. I own many pieces of Michael's art displaying them at work and home. When work and life are busy and stressful, I'll glance at one of Michael's paintings and always smile, take a deep breath and feel a sense of comfort. Michael has the ability to capture the majesty of our surroundings and transport me to that moment in time displayed on the canvas. Michael's art is the first art that I have owned that I have a personal and deep connection with; the images and feelings that Michael's art stirs in me remind me of love. friendship, and the beauty that surrounds us. When I look at Michael's art, I feel like I am home."

                                           ~Amy Demboski

"Michael is one of the best artists I have ever known. He has an incredible ability to organize the color tones in his paintings. to create a strong visual center, often a dramatic moment of nature in Alaska. Although his style is so detailed, he has a keen eye to see the abstraction of nature and presents them in a way that is like a color symphony."

                                    ~Yeqiang Wang


                                     Working in photo-realistic


Portrait of Daughter


Yeqiang Wang

"Michael Chambers' Juneau Landscape "Memories of Juneau" is brightening my wall with  memories of my many dawn and dusk walks over the Douglass Bridge. This piece is evocative of one of my favorite post-impressionist paintings, Cezanne's Mont Sainte- Victoire, with its color and perspective."

                                             ~Donna Arduin


"My husband and I have been collecting Michael Chambers art for many years. Michael has a talent for knowing what his collectors are going to love and will not be able to resist! We also appreciate that he will work with us to make sure we get what we are looking for. We have several original works, from watercolor, pencil black and white, acrylic and oil. They are the stars in our home art collection. The fact that Michael has the ability to make prints of his work makes it more available to a range of budgets so everyone can enjoy his talent. And his skill at matting and framing makes his art more personal, as he knows what will accent each piece to its best . I have always enjoyed our relationship through art and him knowing what we would really enjoy.! We look forward to our next piece!"


                                             ~ Helen and Michael McLean