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Provided here are two links. The first link is the budget reduction book published by United for Liberty in FY 2017 which identifies $1.5 billion which could  be cut from an excessive

deficit driven budget. Many citizens ask...Where would you recommend cuts?...Well, here is the information.


The second link is a more in depth look at each department of the State. Mission Critical Alaska exposes the overt lies promoted by both the Governor and the Senate leadership as they attempt to promote the lie of a 44% reduction in government services. It also exposes the massive amount of "mission creep" which has been going on for years in the various departments of the State. If you are a citizen who wishes to be more deeply informed about the actual expenses of the State budget, or if you are a candidate running for office and wish to have a deeper understanding of the State budget, we believe these are valuable sources of information which give you access to the "other story."